I’m interested in and inspired by CREATIVE TOOLS

During the Mid-term reflections in July I realized I am very keen on design methods to enhance creativity. Every teacher contributed in feeding my love for structure and organization with different techniques and tools that made my right side of the brain work more efficiently. It sounds somehow upstream to say, but I don’t believe creativity is a superpower, but rather a skill to develop. Just like make calculations or use logic.  I find really interesting the topic of bringing design thinking outside of the designer happy island and spread it to other professions through interactive physical artifacts. A lot of books and a lot of card games have been made but they are still poorly engaging/need effort to understand. Can we translate and/or develop those valuable methods into physical artifacts to increase engagement and playfulness? Can we help other professions to release their ties and get away from their severe desks?

I found this really interesting reference, Totem from Smart Design which goes in that direction. Good Job!