claudia ciarpellaMy name is Claudia and I am an Interaction designer based in Copenhagen, where I recently graduated from CIID, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

I am happiest when I am among people. That is why, after several experiences in industrial design studios refining shapes on a CAD software, I joined Ciid to learn how to put people at the centre of my design process.

Thanks to CIID I now feel I am endowed with a diverse toolkit of skills – raging from digital, to tangible and visual – which allows me to encompass designing smart objects, digital products and meaningful services.

Of all steps of the design process, I particularly enjoy people centered research, concept development, iterative prototyping and developing narratives through video.

And, there is still a lot to learn and to explore and I can’t wait to do so working in the real world.





Goodmorning Technology | 2012-2013

Copenhagen, Denmark

Product Designer and researcher

Korg Italy | 2011

Osimo, Italy

Industrial Designer/Intern

HeyTeam Design Collective | 2009/2012

Civitanova Marche, Italy

Designer / Co-founder

› University of Camerino | 2011-2012

Ascoli Piceno, Italy

Professor’s Assistant

White Elephant Design Lab | 2010

Graz, Austria

Product Designer / Intern

GP Designpartners | 2009

Vienna, Austria

Product Designer / Intern



Copenhagen Institute of Interaction

Design | 2014

Copenhagen, Denmark

Master in Product Design | 2009-2012

University of Camerino

Ascoli Piceno, Italy

Bachelor in Industrial and Environmental Design | 2006-2009

University of Camerino

Ascoli Piceno, Italy


Hard Skills

› Mobile UI

› Visual Design

› Video Prototyping

› 3d Modeling

› Rendering & Animation

› Physical Prototyping


Soft Skills

› Human Centred Design

› User Research

› Interaction Design

› User Experience

› Service Design

› Storytelling


I would like to explore


› Data Visualisation