I’m interested in and inspired by SLEEPING HABITS


I am always been an intense dreamer who could vividly remember scenes and emotions from my dreamlike fantasies at the point that they would affect my mood in the morning. Early this year I visited an exhibit about Federico Fellini and I’ve been fascinated by his book of dreams, where he notated and illustrated his dreams (or quoting him his “night works”) every morning after waking up. So I started my own dreams sketch diary as an attempt to retain my nighttime reverie before they are lost forever. I even noticed that the more I sketch, the more I remember. It looks like dream memories can be trained.

On the other side I once in a while suffer from Insomnia. I specially find difficult to fall asleep despite being tired, laying in bed with open eyes, tons of thoughts in my brain and accelerated cardiac rhythm. This event specially happens when I feel stressed, or is even the sign which tells me there is something which stresses me even if I don’t consciously realize it. Also waking up in the morning with stiff jawbone, it’s a sign there is something wrong.

Looking forward to do more investigation about that.  Here there is a collection of some references I should try out:

Apps: Sleepbot App SleepCycle App

Products: Up by JawboneAura lamp, Beddit, HelloSLEEP RATE