Fonie at Maker Faire

The project Fonie, the hairdryer that takes animated selfies, has been selected for the maker faire in Rome! Me, Samer and Martino decided to take some time from the final project to rebuild the former precarious prototype. All of us wanted to explore, develop and solidify some skill. Samer has been working on the hardcode, Martino experimented with the new Ultimaker 3d printing machine we got in school to create the head of the hacked hairdryer and I learnt how to properly build neat circuits and made a quick logo for the website and the business cards. Ian from Ciid Nest taught me some tips: he advised me to build a custom made shield to apply over the Arduino board, place all the elements on the top side of the board and solder all the connections on the bottom. Use FPC connectors to keep a tidy layout of the wires and be able to quickly assemble and disassemble the prototype in case we need to repair it.

We ended up fixing the first prototype and having a Fonie 2.0 with a better resolution camera and a 3d printed body. I am still very attached to the first wooden version, the material gives an intrinsic feeling of warmth and its roughness is closer to the maker world.