Those six months has been so busy and intense that we did not really had so much time to digest what we have been doing at CIID. That’s why now, before the summer break, we have this introspective week of reflections and exams.

There has been an odd air of mystery around this week, a little fear for the association with the idea of being examined and the uncertainty of what it would be. First of all we got refreshed with moving from the traditional building to a new location. After being a bit skeptical about it, I realized there is a certain relief in change and a special energy coming from having a different environment, kind of an holiday from the usual workplace.

We sat in a circle, we’ve been given pen and paper (finally back to the analog mode and to the personal handwriting) and asked to give personal and professional reviews to every classmate. 3 minutes each. At the end of the day each of us would have collected 23 feedbacks to start the personal reflection from. All in all, we are the best advisors for each other. We spend so much time working and going out together, that we know almost everyone’s strengh and weakness, expressions of joy and disappointment.

I waited until I got home to read my reviews. I wanted to be alone in the peace of my bedroom and intimacy of the night inducing a thoughtful attitude. It was so reassuring and rewarding to read everyone’s comment. The sweet ones, the light funny memories, the critical and bitter opinions, the confessions of esteem, the friendly advices injected in me a sense of fulfillment and the feeling of being part of something very special.

I’m glad we are having this slow introspective moment. Everything finally starts to make sense.