Initial Statement

I want my final project to…

be a link between my background in industrial design and my latter education in interaction design, showing my growth from having a focus on artifacts and aesthetics to developing an ability in creating a delightful experience aroundthem and involve design thinking in a more holistic sense. It should be my business card in terms of being a representation of the person I am: light, ironic and playful, sensitive, empathetic and emotional.

During my final project I would like to challenge myself in…

I want to focus on the design process more than setting a specific outcome. Therefore, after having found my domain and stated the challenge, I will explore different kind of solutions among service design, a tangible artifact or a digital outcome (or a combination of them). By doing that, I want to show the ability to be versatile and cross-disciplinary among the different disciplines of interaction design.

I will definitely include people centered research as a method to find valuable insights and test my assumptions, and later on some co-creation sessions.

The hard skills I can rely on are:

–      model making

–      3d modeling

–      graphical user interface

–      information design and infographics

–      sketching

–      video making

Some soft skills that will be useful along the journey: being organized and stick to schedules, user research and empathy (ability to understand and share the feelings of others), storytelling and presenting with enthusiasm. Even if we won’t be working in groups I will definitely mention being a team player, meaning that I will be happy to help with feedback and brainstorming on my mates topics. It will be also an opportunity to get out of my topic’s bubble.

The skills I want to challenge (and possibly include in my process) are:

–      physical computing

–      electronics